Let Me Upgrade You!

July second's Solar Eclipse in Cancer arrives at 12:23pm pst. unveiling a deep emotional portal. In this space you may notice you are feeling differently about your life. It’s as if new emotional chapters are starting and you have a clear understanding that supporting your heart ranks highest on your list of priorities. This next... Continue Reading →

My Fullest Expression

At the beginning of every year I set an intention. I have been doing this now for 4 years. I found that I don't do well with resolutions - anything I can resist I will! I am learning what works for me in regard to goal setting and I do well with setting an intention... Continue Reading →

Eclipse Season 2018

Did you know that there are 3 eclipses occurring this summer? Eclipse energy can last up to 6 months and there is a connection within the cycle of the three combined so it's not only important to be aware the energy of each one of these powerful influences individually, also notice how they are all... Continue Reading →

Hot Hot August

5 ways to beat the emotional and energetic heat this month With 2 eclipses this month (the lunar eclipse that took place on 7th and the solar eclipse on the 21st), as well as Uranus (8.3) and Mercury (8.12) retrograding, a lot of our "baggage" (emotional and otherwise) is going to be staring us in... Continue Reading →

There are Vibrations in Words.

As a hypnotherapist I am trained to listen to people when they speak. today I had 2 clients in particular where I pointed out a word that they were using that I don't even think they had an awareness that they were using period we all have a friend who says no where they mean... Continue Reading →

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