Scorpio New Moon

This new moon in Scorpio may have you feeling all the feels. With the sun also in scorpio season we are getting a double whammy of the watery intense emotion. Depth of emotion is indicated here so notice what bubbles up to the surface today and then be with it. Can you recognize it for what it is? Is it for you or against you? Then go even deeper and come to the realization that it’s all for you! How is this intensity of truth (truth lies in the emotion – when we negate our emotions we negate the truth) drawing you close to your higher self? What is it that you want from the space of the truth of who you really are? Beyond the persona beyond your preconceived ideas of who you ought to be – where does your passionate magic reside? Go there! 

Today set an intention to live from the space of what sets your heart on fire. The new moon is always about setting something in motion. How far are you will to go to live your life from the space of passionate magic? 

This dark moon in Scorpio begs this question are you courageous enough to dive deep into the answer? 

This new moon energy can assist you to this end so if you feel called here’s a little ritual you can perform to harness it. Get a piece of paper and writing utensil and light a candle if you have one. Give yourself about 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. 

In a quiet space allow yourself to take about 10 minutes to get into a meditative space. Quiet your mind and then contemplate what it is you would like to create emotionally in your life. How do you want to feel, what are you passionate about, do you live a passionate life or are you going through the motions disconnected from your inner self? After a few moments of contemplation set your intention about what it is that you truly desire for yourself and write down what you are called to create from your deepest emotional longing. If you find yourself talking yourself out of it – stop that! Go deep Gurrrl! How deep can you go? Set the intention from that space. 

Allow some space in between the writing and don’t worry if its not “perfect and poetic” The Universe gets you and knows your language so simply let it come for your authentic self, and give yourself permission to stay in the moment and love what you are doing – this is supposed to be joyful and fun. We can still bring levity to depth. 

When you feel complete with your written intention. Say a thank you to Source for hearing your prayer – Thank the moon for what it provides earth and you then burn your paper. As the paper burns what the word got up in smoke. Up into the ethers as you release the words into the Universe trust and know that the wheels are set in motion as you surrender and let it go! Take a deep breath in and as you release the breath say thank you, knowing it is done!

Published by Stacey Justis

I am a spiritual intuitive, musician, writer, tarot card reader, energy healer and lover Listed in Goop Guide as“Refreshingly laid-back and smart, equal parts straight-up psychic and intuitive life coach.”

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