Virgo Energy Forecast 2022

Welcome to Virgo season! On August 23rd we entered the season of Virgo. There is a saying, “Don’t write a check in Leo season that you can’t cash in Virgo.” I think about that saying often around this time as I can really feel the transition into the energy of fall. Going back to school, the last hot days, winding down the summer plans and looking forward to (or not!) the approach of the holidays.

Virgo represents taking responsibility for our actions. It holds us accountable. Virgo says, “I know what you did last summer!” If you are an earth sign you will most probably like the transition into this get things done vibration. Otherwise you are saying, “Is summer really over?” Summer is not quite done so milk the moments now, and honor your urge to move into a place of harvest.

Most of us don’t have farms or gardens anymore so we may forget the value of harvesting what we have sown. We lose sight of the metaphor – now is the time we are beginning to reap the benefit of what we put our attention to this year thus far.

Virgo energy urges us to take stock of where we are. Do we feel satisfied with what we have accomplished? It does not find comfort and actually will roll its eyes at the flamboyant fiery dance of Leo. This energy beckons us to quiet our mind and get down business. 

The new moon in Virgo will take place in the early morning hours of Saturday, August 27th. We know during the new moon we set intentions. The spirit of Virgo is detail oriented so there is a message to refine your plans. Discernment is also key here. Asking ourselves the serious questions like: Have I been focusing my time and energy toward my goals? What actions can I take to keep myself (or get back) on track toward my mission?

Virgo is very mission oriented and its not afraid to point out the faults, shortcomings, and misgivings of your plans! This is where we need to be mindful towards our inner feelings about ourselves. The inner critic may well be quite a bit louder in the time of Virgo so be sure to check the voices in your head. Remember to the value of nurturing yourself and just because it’s no longer Leo season doesn’t mean we stop self care.

Virgo is not afraid of self care and nurturing it just approaches things in a very pragmatic way. Use this energy in its most effective way by setting intentions that are not lofty. We left lofty with Leo and now we are getting down to the responsibilities directly in front of us. 

Let this new moon inform you about what you need to do for yourself to get to the next level of what you want to create. Ask it to show you the steps in a realistic and practical process so you can take clear and focused action. 

Virgo loves the feeling of accomplishment so ask yourself what do I want to accomplish during this cycle and then let the energy ignite and carry you into actionable steps.

You will find that you are carried through this season with confidence and ease when you tap into the momentum of the action that Virgo demands you take instead of resisting the inevitability of change. 

Published by Stacey Justis

I am a spiritual intuitive, musician, writer, tarot card reader, energy healer and lover Listed in Goop Guide as“Refreshingly laid-back and smart, equal parts straight-up psychic and intuitive life coach.”

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