Katherine, MA

A session with Stacey is like getting a giant hug. I started seeing her after a recommendation from a friend and she is my go to guidance when I’m facing life struggles I need some extra help with. She’s a great listener with endless patience and takes the time to understand you. She has a great sense of humor and approaches all my questions with kindness. A session with Stacey is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. I always leave feeling empowered and more confident in my journey. 

Liza, Los Angeles, CA

“I can’t recommend Stacey enough for anyone who is looking for insight into themselves as well as deeply intuitive guidance. I came to Stacey first when I was in a moment of transition at work, newly pregnant, and trying to navigate lots of ambiguity. Stacey was able to jump right in. She received and translated intuitive downloads about me and my current experience — the things at play I couldn’t see, reframes for what I was thinking/feeling/doing, perspective the lessons I’m learning, and productive advice for how I should be spending time and energy. She took a long view on my life, helping to contextualize this moment and the chapter I’m in. I felt very “seen”, like Stacey had known me for years. I also felt very “safe”, like I trusted her innately. I left our conversation feeling grounded, and recharged by a renewed sense of confidence. I will absolutely be going back to Stacey soon — I would love to see her regularly!”

Jane, Rosamond, CA

Stacey’s work as a spiritual intuitive is on spectacular display when she is presenting her regular sound baths. Nearly every time, I feel shivers in my whole body as I rise into the magnificence of what she is bringing through. It reminds me of something I can barely describe, something long ago and far away, something ethereal and inter-dimensional. It is like ancient-future. I have watched it work its way through others, along with the gifts of her incisive intuitional insights, bringing them relief and deep healing. I have felt renewed, redirected, recharged myself.

Her music is similarly enchanting, like half-remembered dreams, flights of fantasy, and original innocence. If you have not treated yourself to the downloads of her songs, do so now!

Stacey is raw and honest, wildly talented and yet vulnerable, unafraid to walk into the mystery and surrender to its flow, and in allowing that, she has found herself always on her path. At times, that exploration has not felt easy or comfortable for any of us, and being able to talk with someone who’s been there and continues to find and illuminate the higher way is a blessing to us all.

Mandy, Augusta, GA

I started reading with Stacey during the pandemic, after seeing her recommendation from the Goop documentary. I was immediately drawn to Stacey, with her cool vibe, genuine heart and bright healing light. She has given me insight, courage and hope during my journey. Stacey is an amazing life coach, and quickly picks up on my situation. I highly recommend Stacey, and always look forward to any material she sends out, as well.

Kara, San Diego, CA

Life changing!  My reading with Stacey is one of the best things I have ever done for myself!  Stacey wastes no time – she jumps right in with incredible insight and messages. What sets Stacey apart from other intuitives, is she provides guidance to assist you with manifesting your desires and real tools you can use to achieve your goals.  Highly accurate in her assessment, Stacey is caring, straight forward, and positive.  She has a great sense of humor too!

I have had nice readings from many other intuitives, but only Stacey helped me to transform my perspective to align with my purpose and it has not faded.  Sessions are recorded so you can truly enjoy every jam packed second of the reading and listen again for absorbing and integrating the information she provides.

LV, Brentwood, CA

THANK YOU so so much for being at our JOY party on Saturday night —everyone who did a reading with you had a whole new lease on life and so much clarity!! Your insights really were a highlight of the night; we can’t thank you enough.

TC, New York

Stacey has been an incredible guiding source over the years. She is light years better than any therapist as she has keen intuition and provides insightful advice. So many things she told me have come true, and she also reminds me of ways to change my mindset so that I can bring positive experiences into my life. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with her and think everyone should experience her gift!

Giulia, Ontario, Canada

My first reading with Stacey was so powerful that it gave me the courage to make a pretty big shift in my life. I was a bit nervous at first, but she immediately put me at ease with her calming demeanor and her incredible way of explaining even the most difficult situations in a non-judgemental way. She was able to offer guidance and advice while still acknowledging the trauma and hurt that had occurred, something that I will forever be grateful for. She helped me cope and look at what I was dealing with with fresh eyes and a new perspective. The things she was able to know about me and the situation without me giving too much detail really solidified my belief in how gifted she is as an intuitive. I found myself being completely vulnerable and raw with her every time we spoke because I felt so safe and more importantly, I felt seen and heard. We’ve spoken a few times since that initial call almost 4 years ago and I know where to go when I need clarity or some guidance. I’m so grateful to my friend who suggested I speak with her. It’s changed my life, the way I view challenges and my ability to see things more clearly. Thank you so much Stacey!

Anzu Lawson, Los Angeles, CA

“I love working with Stacey. She’s been an integral part of my spiritual growth over the many years. I love how she caters and tailors each session to my specific needs and objective. I am truly blessed to have her guidance and gifts in my life. She has changed my life greatly and I can’t sing higher praises for all that she does and gives” – Anzu Lawson (actress on Chicago Med, The Blacklist, America’s Got Talent)

Angela, Toronta Canada

I have spoken to Stacey on a few occasions and have regularly turned to her for her tarot expertise. While talking to Stacey you are overcome with a sense of calm- it is very hard to explain the sense of calm that turns into tons of questions. Almost every reading I am left so perplexed to then completely understand everything that was said months (and years) later. It is quite a spectacular experience. Thank you Stacey for your help over the years.