WS, New York, NY

I had my first reading with Stacey a few months ago and have thought about it everyday since.  I have had many different readings from others over the years and this was by far the most impactful.  Stacey was a wonderful blend of intuitive and practical.  She quickly got to the heart of the matter and understood, without being told by me, what my hurdles and struggles have been.  She guided me in a loving compassionate non-judgmental manner.  When talking to Stacey I immediately trusted her and knew that she was dead-on about me, my life and what I needed to do.  If you are thinking about booking a reading with Stacey…. do it! You’ll be so glad you did.

Anzu, Los Angeles, CA

“I loved doing my past life regression with Stacey because it helped answer so many questions and it was very easy. Stacey made it very comfortable and safe. I can’t wait to do it again and again. I love my sessions with Stacey!”

AR, Greenwich, CT

Oh, where to even begin. Stacey has been a part of my life for many years now. She has become not only a guide but a friend and in many ways a therapist/life coach. I feel completely comfortable and safe with Stacey. Stacey has a way of being able to reassure and calm my body and mind. She is a guiding light in my life. I always leave our conversations feeling more grounded and full of inspiration. I will forever be grateful for meeting Stacey and having her become an integral guide in my life. 

Stacey, thank you for everything. You have and guided me through some of my darkest and hardest moments of my life. You continually restore my faith and have been a friend that I can truly count on. Never stop shining your bright light.

MF, Seattle, WA

I met Stacey a year and a half ago as I was just beginning my soul journey.  I was in a pretty tough spot at that time and Stacey’s love, authentic spirit and intuitive guidance brought inner peace and hope into my life.  We immediately connected that evening during our 1 on 1 and ever since she has been my spiritual mentor.  Her coaching style is authentic and real.  And her guided meditations have been aligned with my soul and are created after our phone conversations.  Everyone is on different stages in their journey and Stacey creates an experience that caters to your needs.  I’ve continued to expand my energy and broaden my visions with the help of Stacey’s guidance.  I am so grateful to have such a loving soul to connect with! 

AM, Newark, NJ

I found Stacey on Goop, and she is amazing. Everything she said hit home for me, and her guidance was exactly what I needed. She’s so easy to speak with and has a loving, fun personality, which makes it feel like you are talking to someone whom you have known forever.   After getting off the phone with her, I felt happy and hopeful.  I recently called her again, and she helped me tremendously with the questions I had about my company. So glad I found her.  

HK, Seattle, WA

Stacey, Just want to thank you so much for yesterday’s reading. I came into the call feeling some lower self confidence about multiple things happening at once and the anxious about the start of the new year. After our call, I left feeling so energized, clear and ready to move forward with so many things in my life without fear. You are super gifted. Thanks for what you do! 

Crystal M. Los Angeles, CA

My annual year-ahead reading with Stacey combines the best of her intuition with the strength of her coaching, all under the magical guidance of Spirit. She helps me look at the big picture, set high vibrational intentions, and gives me the perspective I need to highlight the beauty of the possibilities in experiences and lessons instead of narrowly focusing on outcomes or results. After our reading, I feel more centered, grateful, and ready for whatever comes my way. It’s my favorite way to start the new year!

GA,  San Francisco, CA

“Stacey Justis has been an integral part of my self discovery for the last 5 years. She has helped me with a range of emotional and physical issues, each one more personal than the next.  With each little mountain I climb Stacey has this rare ability to meet you where you are and intuit what you need without even you knowing it. Her hypnosis/channeling combo (which I like to call it) is deep, effective, spot on and heartfelt.  She often is moved to tears with what comes through her and no session is the same. It’s never repetitive , never shallow and always makes me feel as if we are uncovering something so beyond the supernatural that, quite simply , I just feel better.  I feel content and have restored hope.  One example of so many wonderful sessions: I was dealing with bloating issues for over a year. I didn’t even think to deal with it emotionally.  When I got fed up with the extra 5 lbs at the end of each day I finally had a session with Stacey. 3 days later listening to our recording ,  it was 80% gone. The bottom line is this : Stacey cares.  And when someone truly cares that has the grace of an angel , you’ve met your point of entry. For me Stacey is the doorway I often need because it can be hard alone on this big open road.  “

LL, Beverly Hills, CA

Speaking with Stacey was like speaking to a friend who I have known for decades.  It was amazing how our conversation flowed and how quickly the hour flew by.  We discussed a lot of principles that I have been practicing for years (manifesting, the law of attraction, etc.) but when discussing them with her, it made even more sense.  She also opened my eyes to so many great things that have been going on in my life (my relationship and career) and brought such a smile to my face.  Her advise was on point and I look forward to speaking to her again soon.  Thank you, Stacey for opening my eyes!!

Blair C, New York, NY

I have been mulling over how best to describe Stacey’s gifts for quite some time now. I have decided that above all if she had to be known by anyone name, it would be healer. I know that term can be confusing for people, but know this: I believe that our ultimate goal in this (and every) lifetime is to heal. In any confusion, pain, curiosity, anticipation, or excitement – the answers we seek provide, arguably in every case, the opportunity to heal. This is Stacey’s gift, and this is what she has taught me through working together for almost two years. If you are just looking for someone to tell you your specific future, answer a specific question, and be done with it – Stacey is not for you. Because she is…SO. much. more. She has given me not only messages of clarity, but more importantly tools and a deeper understanding for the underlying purpose of those messages, and offers the core of the message for how to show up as my best self. For how to heal. Spirit / the Universe/ Source/ whatever word resonates with you – works through her every time to deliver the most important message for you to hear in that moment. In short, she will blow your mind. There will be things you overwhelmingly understand instantly and things you understand months – even years – later, as you watch them unfold. Working with Stacey has taught me that we are all on this ride together, and part of something greater, and magnificent – that we are here to learn lessons, grow, understand, be better, do the work and know our own power and influence. She has taught me how to be my own healer, understand my body and spirit, and navigate what have easily been some of the hardest years of my life. Stacey has the power of understanding beyond comprehension and because of that delivers the opportunity to be your most healed, aligned, and connected self. She has given me that and more, and I am forever grateful.