About Stacey

Stacey Justis is an intuitive coach, medium, and Certified Hypnotherapist, who helps private clients and groups connect to spirit, passed loved ones, and the power within to provide healing, as well as tools and insight to achieve their goals. She is a conduit for the journey of self-discovery and delivers messages, helps heal emotional wounds and fears, and even unlocks reasons for unexplained physical pain. Stacey is devoted to empowering her clients to create the lives they’ve always wanted and realize their true purpose and potential.

Her desire to help others first manifested over 15 years ago through use of metaphysical healing modalities. By connecting to her intuition, Stacey has been able to give others insight into areas of their lives where they may need clarity and guidance. Understanding that everything is energy, each additional tool or modality becomes an instrument to connect with a particular energy to understand, translate and then effectively heal any energetic trauma that is holding a person back from their true desires.

In her quest to help empower individuals on a deeper level, she attended Hypnosis Motivational Institute in 2013. Recognizing the power of the subconscious mind, she felt a deep passion to help people harness that power so they could have more fulfilling lives. Stacey graduated with honors from HMI in 2014 and received the prestigious Director’s Award and the Clinical Achievement Award for outstanding accomplishment in private practice. She is also a Certified Master Facilitator in Therapeutic Imagery, Past Life Regression, and Advanced EFT (tapping)practitioner. She uses imagery as well as past life journeys to help clients understand how the subconscious mind works so they can move through old patterns, habits and limiting beliefs.

Stacey is honored and humbled to be an instrument in this sacred process of connection. As she holds space for others on their spiritual journeys, she continues to educate herself and explore new ways of moving energy through sound, physical and metaphysical components to best serve her clients and their needs.

Stacey is recommended in Goop’s Guide to Energy Healers, Intuitives & Mediums  and she regularly blogs to share insight with her ever-growing client base and social media following .

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