SK, Los Angeles, CA

Stacey approached my questions with laser focus, getting to the heart of matters quickly. I have been to many psychics and she is more on point with her observations than any other I’ve been to. She could quickly sense my strengths and weaknesses, what’s important to me, and what attitude/assumptions have been holding me back. As far as advice, she spells it out like she’s your best girlfriend who knows you better than you know yourself. Her suggestions on how to manifest what I want were chock full of insight and easy to implement. I listen to our session recording again and again, getting more value out of it each time. I will be back for her advice again in the future. If you have the chance, get a reading with Stacey. You won’t regret it!

Published by Stacey Justis

I am a spiritual intuitive, musician, writer, tarot card reader, energy healer and lover Listed in Goop Guide as“Refreshingly laid-back and smart, equal parts straight-up psychic and intuitive life coach.”