Stacey is a God send to me and my friends.

​”Stacey and her gifts have been such a huge part of my growth, expansion and manifestation over these years that I feel absolutely blessed and grateful to have such a Goddess in my life, holding my hand along this artistic and soul journey. From hypnotherapy to past life regressions, intuitive life coaching, tapping EFT techniques, Reiki, Angel sessions, etc. Stacey does it all and more! She’s a Godsend to me and my friends.” – Anzu Lawson, Actress, Musician, Stand-Up Comedian, Screenwriter, and Director (Nominated for “Best Female Performance” for her role as Yoko Ono in “Rock And Roll’s Greatest Lovers” original rock musical at the 2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival by ‘The Ezra Buzzington Spirit Of Fringe Award’.)

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