Brandon, Los Angeles, CA

After Stacey’s channeling, I feel I have another piece to my very complex puzzle! My friend also had some profound realizations.

Crystal, Los Feliz, CA

I have the utmost respect and reverence for Stacey’s gifts and the way she has chosen to share them with the world. We were introduced through a trusted friend and immediately I felt safe and comfortable working with her in many ways including hypnotherapy, coaching, and spiritual guidance. I have had many signs appear during our sessions over the phone and synchronicities occur well after our time together that has given me confirmation that Stacey speaks the truth and reaffirmed my faith in her. Her guidance and support is steady. She’s level-headed and frank so even though we all wish that everything we ever heard was going to be good news, she’s incredibly sensitive, thoughtful, and constructive when communicating the difficult lessons too. I’m so grateful for her and hope she’s able to help people everywhere as much as she has helped me!

BC, New York, NY

Stacey has an amazing gift that I am so happy I got the chance to experience. She is extremely well versed in messages that come through, and took the time to explain certain symbols to me in order for them to enhance my life going forward. Stacey communicated some amazing messages to me regarding loved ones I have been deeply concerned about, and specifically read deeply into one of my (living) brothers. Learning of the journey his spirit has taken in past lives and how it relates to his current struggles was fascinating and gave me comfort that we are part of something so much bigger. She was able to so easily tune into the personalities, hearts, and specific struggles of those I love. As I write this,  just yesterday something she communicated to me that initially didn’t make sense came to light and I couldn’t help but laugh! It was so crazy.

I have a brother that passed away that came through, and that of course was among the most cherished parts of our reading. I have worked with another medium before and it was really interesting the different ways he (very accurately) came through with Stacey.

We spoke at length about my career which has been top of mind for me, and was the first message that came through for her. I have found comfort, guidance, and excitement through our time together. I am very grateful for the experience and the love and light she delivered! Thank you!

ES, Los Angeles, CA

Stacey is a gift. I was privileged to have the opportunity to chat with Stacey for a 30 quick minute session which ended up being transformative. Her ability to just “get me” within a few short minutes was unbelievable, and I loved most how she discussed energy and what SHE was feeling on the other side of the phone throughout our session. She is insightful, so smart, spiritual and such a wonderful extra ear. Her compassion is something I so appreciated. Thank you, Stacey, for an amazing session and for impacting me more than you know 🙂  I already can’t wait to speak with her again in two weeks!

Anzu, Los Angeles, CA

​Stacey and her gifts have been such a huge part of my growth, expansion and manifestation over these years that I feel absolutely blessed and grateful to have such a Goddess in my life, holding my hand along this artistic and soul journey. From hypnotherapy to past life regressions, intuitive life coaching, tapping EFT techniques, Reiki, Angel sessions, etc. Stacey does it all and more! She’s a Godsend to me and my friends. (Actress, Musician, Stand-Up Comedian, Screenwriter, and Director. Nominated for “Best Female Performance” for her role as Yoko Ono in “Rock And Roll’s Greatest Lovers” original rock musical at the 2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival by ‘The Ezra Buzzington Spirit Of Fringe Award’.)

Marianne, Toluca Lake, CA

“Stacey is truly a healer in every sense of the word, she has that “MIDAS TOUCH”. I have done many types of therapy, healing, hypnosis… you name it and this is by far one of the easiest ways to get out of your own way. Blocks that have prevented me from moving forward in many different areas of my life, are truly cleared up. Tapping is so easy and a you feel a bit kookie the first time, but once you see that the results are life changing, you can’t wait to tap away. Stacey has such a gentle soothing way about her, that the experience is actually fun and absolutely worth it…I’m a believer!!!” Marianne, Los Angeles, CA

Katherine Agranovich, Ph.D, Newport Beach, CA

It was a great pleasure to have a session with Stacey. At first, I was nervous and a bit skeptical, but shortly, I realized that Stacey is real deal. She has a genuine gift to ‘feel’ your energy and communicate exactly what you need to hear; the messages are accurate and empowering, deeply healing and inspiring. I am planning to continue working with her for an occasional tune-up. (Integrative Mental Health, Medical Hypnosis and Author of Tales of My Large, Loud, Spiritual Family)

DL, Dallas, TX

Going into my phone call I had no idea what to expect or what exactly I wanted to talk about. Stacey was very easy to talk to, she connects with you and it quickly feels as if you are talking to an old friend. Stacey’s psychic abilities enabled her to help me through a time when I was questioning a lot of major changes in my life. She provided me with a great sense of perspective and useful advice. I look forward to speaking with her again as my last phone session was so therapeutic.

Priya, Houston, TX

Stacey is a wonderful resource to connect to if you are seeking authentic guidance on how to steer your life in the direction that will benefit you greatly. In one call, she was able to provide succinct insight about my challenges and concerns. She is immediately able to tap into solutions to help avoid negative patterns of behavior.
I have called Stacey many times since our first call and would name her a healer, intuitive and kind (most importantly).

Yvette, Santa Fe, NM

Stacey is a gifted channel and a beautiful spirit. I thoroughly enjoyed her Tapping for Ageless Beauty event and was impressed by the perceptive and heartfelt wisdom shared by her spirit guides.