Katherine Agranovich, Ph.D, Newport Beach, CA

It was a great pleasure to have a session with Stacey. At first, I was nervous and a bit skeptical, but shortly, I realized that Stacey is real deal. She has a genuine gift to ‘feel’ your energy and communicate exactly what you need to hear; the messages are accurate and empowering, deeply healing and inspiring. I am planning to continue working with her for an occasional tune-up. (Integrative Mental Health, Medical Hypnosis and Author of Tales of My Large, Loud, Spiritual Family)

DL, Dallas, TX

Going into my phone call I had no idea what to expect or what exactly I wanted to talk about. Stacey was very easy to talk to, she connects with you and it quickly feels as if you are talking to an old friend. Stacey’s psychic abilities enabled her to help me through a time when I was questioning a lot of major changes in my life. She provided me with a great sense of perspective and useful advice. I look forward to speaking with her again as my last phone session was so therapeutic.

Priya, Houston, TX

Stacey is a wonderful resource to connect to if you are seeking authentic guidance on how to steer your life in the direction that will benefit you greatly. In one call, she was able to provide succinct insight about my challenges and concerns. She is immediately able to tap into solutions to help avoid negative patterns of behavior.
I have called Stacey many times since our first call and would name her a healer, intuitive and kind (most importantly).

Yvette, Santa Fe, NM

Stacey is a gifted channel and a beautiful spirit. I thoroughly enjoyed her Tapping for Ageless Beauty event and was impressed by the perceptive and heartfelt wisdom shared by her spirit guides.

L. Liles, New York, NY

Speaking with Stacey was like speaking to a friend who I have known for decades.  It was amazing how our conversation flowed and how quickly the hour flew by.  We discussed a lot of principles that I have been practicing for years (manifesting, the law of attraction, etc.) but when discussing them with her, it made even more sense.  She also opened my eyes to so many great things that have been going on in my life (my relationship and career) and brought such a smile to my face.  Her advise was on point and I look forward to speaking to her again soon.  Thank you, Stacey for opening my eyes!!

SC, Montreal, CDN

I’ve had a few psychic/medium readings in my life with different people, but I have to say Stacey’s reading for me was one of the best!  She not only gave me great insight into my future and current situations, but she also gave me guidance on how to grow positively so I can receive more abundance from the universe.  She is very spiritually wise and awake, I highly recommend her!

Amelia Kinkade, Los Angeles, CA

I highly recommend Stacey Justis as a medium and spiritual counselor, and even when she is not channeling the messages from the Other Side, her own wisdom is worth paying for!  Stacey is a bright light in this world and brings a fresh breath of sage advice, comfort, and common sense to those in need…especially me! (Author of The Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic Teaches You to Talk to Animals and featured in The 100 Top Psychics in America)

MV, New York, NY

I was a little skeptical going into my call with Stacey. I had been to a few psychics before, and never really felt that they connected with me. Speaking with Stacey, I knew in the first few minutes that she truly has a gift. It was very comfortable talking with Stacey and I felt like we could have talked for hours. I very much look forward to speaking with her again and would recommend her to all of my friends!!

Nancy, Boston, MA

I don’t even know where to begin! Our first conversation was a lot of tears! She’s spot on and shared with me things only I would know along with deceased members of my family! Not only can she channel, she’s an amazing life coach! I have struggled for years with PTSD and have gone to several doctors, Harvard trained! Stacey is the best “therapy” I have ever had! Through Stacey’s channelling, psychic ability and life coaching I will never turn back!! I have been to other psychics and Stacey is the best!! And she’s beautiful!!