Kat, Santa Monica, CA

A conversation with Stacey is like being at a spa while being with your best friend Oprah, she’s an energetic intuitive life coach who cares and supports you to live your best life! Working with her for a few years now has been a beautiful journey of collaboration and self-discovery. And it’s fun!  She trulyContinue reading “Kat, Santa Monica, CA”

DL, New York, NY

Going into my phone call I had no idea what to expect or what exactly I wanted to talk about. Stacey was very easy to talk to, she connects with you and it quickly feels as if you are talking to an old friend. Stacey’s psychic abilities enabled her to help me through a timeContinue reading “DL, New York, NY”

A.Hyman, Nashville, TN

Talking to Stacey was amazing. In a time in my life with lots of changes coming up she made me feel like everything has a purpose and got me excited for the unknown. She is amazing at what she does and connects you with a divine world. She’s extremely special and I look forward toContinue reading “A.Hyman, Nashville, TN”

Brandon, Los Angeles, CA

After Stacey’s channeling, I feel I have another piece to my very complex puzzle! My friend also had some profound realizations.

Crystal, Los Feliz, CA

I have the utmost respect and reverence for Stacey’s gifts and the way she has chosen to share them with the world. We were introduced through a trusted friend and immediately I felt safe and comfortable working with her in many ways including hypnotherapy, coaching, and spiritual guidance. I have had many signs appear duringContinue reading “Crystal, Los Feliz, CA”

BC, New York, NY

Stacey has an amazing gift that I am so happy I got the chance to experience. She is extremely well versed in messages that come through, and took the time to explain certain symbols to me in order for them to enhance my life going forward. Stacey communicated some amazing messages to me regarding lovedContinue reading “BC, New York, NY”

ES, Los Angeles, CA

Stacey is a gift. I was privileged to have the opportunity to chat with Stacey for a 30 quick minute session which ended up being transformative. Her ability to just “get me” within a few short minutes was unbelievable, and I loved most how she discussed energy and what SHE was feeling on the otherContinue reading “ES, Los Angeles, CA”

Anzu, Los Angeles, CA

​Stacey and her gifts have been such a huge part of my growth, expansion and manifestation over these years that I feel absolutely blessed and grateful to have such a Goddess in my life, holding my hand along this artistic and soul journey. From hypnotherapy to past life regressions, intuitive life coaching, tapping EFT techniques,Continue reading “Anzu, Los Angeles, CA”