For the Love of Me

As I become more committed to making a social media presence in the ways of sharing what I do, I am noticing that "getting out there" is triggering a lot of my insecurities. I know this may seem an obvious observation because I am sure most people, especially women, ¬†feel similar to me when it... Continue Reading →

May the Force Be with You – even if it’s the force of resistance…

There are many ways to move through your own resistance. The biggest challenge is identifying the resistance in the first place. Resistance is usually part of our story that we unconsciously keep alive through daily habits and patterns of behavior. It's often hiding in plain sight! Here are 5 easy steps to identify and move through your resistance.

There are Vibrations in Words.

As a hypnotherapist I am trained to listen to people when they speak. today I had 2 clients in particular where I pointed out a word that they were using that I don't even think they had an awareness that they were using period we all have a friend who says no where they mean... Continue Reading →

Libra Pink Full Moon

With the full moon in Libra and four planets in retrograde you may feel a bit out of sorts. I have noticed, for me the energy feels a bit like nails against a chalkboard sounds! To balance out the energies tonight and the next couple of days, be gentle with yourself.   Take time to... Continue Reading →

Oh Dear One

Channeled by Stacey Justis Oh Dear One So many questions Are you listening For the answers you seek? While they blow past your ears Caught by the winds of doubt and fears Are you listening? Oh Dear One There is no need for need Divine stories are unfolding for you Lest you not learn to... Continue Reading →

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