Last Days Of Retrograde

Mercury began its last retrograde cycle of 2019 on Halloween and goes direct on November 20th.

This little planet that orbits closest to the sun has gotten a bad rap in pop-culture when it goes retro, but there are some really great reasons to like it.

We know that Mercury is the planet of communication. It has also been described as the lens in which you see the world, and the way that you shape your reality.

The narrative of Mercury retrograde is not as simple as communication and technology going haywire.

And as with any aspect of astrology, the planet Mercury and how it affects you will depend on where it is in your chart, as well as where it is in the sky at any particular moment.

My personal ritual is always just to notice how the cycle of a planet is affecting me at present and what can I learn about myself as it takes its course. Each time it’s different and each time I’m amazed at how much value it ads to my life. I stopped making the generalization that it’s bad.

I will say this particular retrograde has been a little more shall we say – volatile – for me than most I’ve experienced as of late.

I have been working on a book for the past 8 months and, long story short, I accidently dumped it in the trash on my computer and permanently deleted the first draft.

No, I did not back it up on the cloud and no, I was not able to recover it!

Big time Mercury retro party foul !!!!

During the formatting of my first draft I was having a challenge getting clear on how I wanted the book to flow and I asked the Universe to crystalize it for me.

This was the path to that clarity.

Thankfully, I had been keeping notes (in the cloud) so I was able to recreate the book format in a way that was illuminated for me the second time around.

The day that it happened I cried like a baby and I also knew that the Spirit had something better in store. I still allowed myself to grieve what I had lost. Then I got back on the proverbial horse and went to work!

I’m so much happier with the format now and actually surpassed the amount of pages from my previous draft within one week of starting over.

This is the magic of retrograde.

It forces us look at the things that we may not stop to examine during times of forward movement. It commands us to check ourselves.

The biggest challenge for most of us is being aware enough to notice the flow of energy and how it’s presented to us because most of us don’t pay attention.

If we aren’t aware of your actions and the reactions or outcomes to them when Mercury is not in retrograde then we won’t “get” how the retrograde energy is actually there to help us.

How many times have you had an ex-lover or old friend you haven’t heard from reach out to you during Mercury retrograde?

If a person comes back into your life at this time, ask yourself what haven’t I communicated to this person? What was left undone? What did I not hear them say? What message did I not get before?

Editing and review are well positioned during this time as well. I notice that editing is actually easier for me during retrograde so when possible I don’t start anything new during this time, and I edit, clean and sort out what I’ve already started creating.

This can include editing things and people out of your life that you have been holding onto. Even if you don’t pull the trigger of change during the retro cycle, you can get really clear on what needs to go and then take action from awareness when the planet resumes it’s direct station.

In the last days of retreat, Mercury is inviting you to take one last look at what needs to be re-examined.

It begs the question: what do you need to communicate or get clear about in order for you to move forward in your life?

Published by Stacey Justis

I am a spiritual intuitive, musician, writer, tarot card reader, energy healer and lover Listed in Goop Guide as“Refreshingly laid-back and smart, equal parts straight-up psychic and intuitive life coach.”

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