Checking Your Spiritual Inbox

This time of year has not always been my favorite. Some people love the fall. They love the longer nights and chill in the air. Not me! It’s hard to for me to let go of the warmth of the sun. I’m a Leo rising and with the sun as it’s ruling planet I can see how I would feel energetically trepidation for the shortening of the days.

I’m in “continual learning-mode” when it comes to embracing change more eloquently. The urge to resist something becoming different is very strong in us because the instinct of our human nature has us wrapped up in the notion that change equals hardship if not certain death!

That’s why this time of the year can be so magical. It teaches us to embrace and flow with the changing times. It’s still hot, but the days are getting shorter. The sun still feels close, but you can notice the subtle changes in the movements of shadow and light being cast through the progression of the passing day. Even the hurricanes are a sign of the warm and cool air colliding. Take time now to observe the dance the earth does between summer and fall.

We know that change is inevitable so how do we embrace it in a more efficient and even joyous way? By checking our spiritual inbox.

What does that mean? It means connecting to the downloads of the divine.

The goal with these types of check-ins is to open up the channels to receive. First, you must trust the channel is there for you. Then you are required to get quiet enough to connect.

The source energy is always there we just have to make it a practice to plugin every day. When you start your practice you may not “notice anything” right away. Don’t be discouraged. You may get a delayed message so stay open and playfully observant for signs. I liken it to the old school dial-up internet; sometimes the transmission may come back to you a little slow, but because you have clicked in and made contact, know that you at some point you will get a response. Be open and trust the signs when they appear.

Setting your intentions and meditating in the morning are two really great ways to connect to your higher self, your guides, and the angels. Affirmations will also assist in this connection and I’ve shared a couple of them with you below.

Intentions are very easy to set – they are your deepest desires. Here is a general one I like to set every morning;

“I am open and connected to the universe for the highest good of all.”

This is a proclamation that I am ready to receive from the cosmos all I need and I am open to all the good stuff!

When you set an intention don’t overthink the words, focus on the feeling when you declare your aim. If you can procure a feeling in your body of trust, joy, and curiosity then you in the perfect frame for intention setting.

Once you set your intention your affirmation will be there to keep you on course with your intention. Affirmations should be read and repeated often.

There is a lot of talk about affirmations. The key to this tool is to write or find one that resonates with you. When you read or say it out loud be focused on the affirmation fully and go to the place where you can feel the power of the words. This is also a form of meditation.

A few words on mediation: meditation is designed to be simple. It’s a sacred tool used to connect to NOW.

My take on it is that there is no wrong way to meditate. That you do it is key.

Small doses of mediation can make big changes so again, don’t overthink it .

I like to do walking meditations because I like to connect with nature and sometimes it’s a challenge for me to sit. Find one that works for you and make it a part of your everyday life.

Change can be a challenge so keep checking your spiritual inbox and see what magic you receive!

As promised here are a couple of affirmations I have written for you to try.


For Motivation
“I take uninterrupted action toward my goal and anything that shows up counter to that end vanishes into the nothingness from whence it came.”

To Let Go
“I release anything that does not serve me, making room to receive all forms of the highest most abundant expression of my life.”

To Move Through Fear
“I work with my fear because I know it is a temporary feeling that will pass as I move into action alchemizing the old patterned energy into new desired experiences.”

More Abundance
“I know I am supported by this abundant universe and I am ready and willing to receive all that is divinely mine in forms of gifts money and services. As I give I also am given.”

If you would like a personal affirmation downloaded for you from the divine, please visit my products and service page to set up a personal session with me.

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